Friday, March 31, 2017

Art Nouveau Moley

For March moley journal I did a spread on the theme of Art Nouveau; William Morris style for redplantlady. Very not my style. 

Last week we went to the city and the kid wanted to look at the water when we were passing a bridge over the river. When he was looking, he said, mommy cat. And I was like, no there's no cat. He insisted there was a cat so I looked over the bridge and there was this huge rat like animal just hanging around on the grass area and then took a swim. I knew it wasn't a rat or an otter but I couldn't remember how it's called. The closest I could come to was muskrat but it wasn't that either.

Then we went to visit my great aunt. I'm pretty sure every family has a person that knows an answer to any question you have (and an interesting story to go along with it) no matter how strange it is. I knew this aunt would know what kind of animal it was and even before I could show her the video I took of it, she already had an answer for me (and a story to go along with it). It was nutria. There, mystery solved, just like that.

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  1. Natasha, this is so beautiful and sweet.
    Love those colors!
    Happy your great aunt had an answer for you :)
    Happy PPF 🎨

  2. LOL, love your Nutria story. I've never seen one or even heard of one. Lovely piece for this week, very sweet. have a great upcoming weekend. Happy PPF.

  3. Lovely artwork. Over here, there is at least one person in every family who thinks they know everything. It can lead to some quite funny encounters

  4. Hello NatashaMay, we have the Australian version of them... clever Aunt to know the answer straight away.
    I really like your art nouveau versions. Sweet and gentle colours too. Happy PPF!

  5. LOVE your Art Nouveau design Natasha! never heard of a Nutria so I will google it. I thought it could have been a possum. Happy PPF!

  6. Very springlike and lovely art, Natasha May. I wouldn't have ever thought of nutria. What a very smart woman!

  7. Fantastic whimsical art Natasha!

  8. Love the yellow and lavender contrasts. Thanks for the art and story :)

  9. Yes we all have one of those people in the family! Ours lives with us!! Thought the nutria looked like a cross between a beaver and a rat! Sure enough some people call it little beaver.. Beaver with the flat tail, is the national animal of Canada. You learn something every day!! Great the purple,blue and yellow combo...very happy work!!

    Hugs Giggles

  10. Ohhh I really love the art! Every detail just perfect.

  11. I love this piece of art!! Beautiful!! Gorgeous colours! I would have called it a cat too! LOL! Hugs!

  12. The art AND the story are great. Great Aunts are wonderful. Blessings, Janet


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